Tea and Coffee served with breakfast meals until 12 noon

Toast with a choice of Preserves £2.95

Toasted Teacake £2.95

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel £3.95

Toasted Bagel with Preserves £3.25

Eggs Benedict £6.95

Scottish Eggs Benedict £7.50

Toasted Muffin, Smoked Salmon, 2 Poached Eggs topped with Hollandaise Sauce

Full English Breakfast £7.75

2 Bacon, 2 Sausage, Black Pudding, Mushrooms, Potato Bites, Beams, Tomatoes, Fried Egg, 2 Toast

Veggie Breakfast £6.25

2 Quorn Sausage, 2 Grilled Tomatoes, Beans, Mushrooms, 2 Hash Browns, 1 Toast, 1 Egg

Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Egg £6.95

Served on Granary Toast

Scrambled Egg on Toast £5.95

Beans on Toast £3.75

Bacon Sandwich £3.75

Bacon and Mushroom Sandwich £4.25

Bacon and Egg Sandwich £4.25

Bacon and Sausage Sandwich £4.75

Sausage Sandwich £3.75

Saville’s Big Breakfast Balm £6.95

2 Bacon, 2 Sausage, Hash Brown, Fried Egg and Mushrooms, served o Large Bread Cake

Additional Items

Egg, Tomatoes, Beans, Mushrooms, Potato Bites, Slice of Toast – All 50p Extra

Bacon, Sausage, Black Pudding, Hash Browns, Scrambled Egg – All £1.00 Extra

Pub Favourites

Homemade Lasagne £8.95

Served with Hand-cut Chips or Garlic Bread and Salad

Wholetail Scampi £7.95

Served with Hand-cut Chips, Garden Peas and Tartare Sauce

Tuna Pasta Bake £7.95

Served with Garlic Bread and Side Salad

Steak and Onion Baguette £7.95

Served with Hand-cut Chips, Side Salad and Red Onion Marmalade

Chicken Fillet, Brie and Cranberry £8.95

On Ciabatta, served with Hand-cut Chips

Steak and Stilton Ciabatta £8.95

Served with Homemade Chips and Dressed Side Salad

Cheeseburger with Bacon £9.95

Served with Fried Onions, Home-cut Chips and Coleslaw

Saville Special Burger £10.95

Beef Burger, Lettuce, Tomato and BBQ Sauce, topped with Bacon, Cheese and Onion Rings, served with Home-cut Chips and Coleslaw

Saville Bruch Burger £10.95

Beef Burger, Bacon, Egg and Mushroom, served with Home-cut Chips and Coleslaw


BLT £5.95

Prawn Mayonnaise £6.25

Tuna Mayonnaise £5.50

Cheese and Onion Mayonnaise £4.75

Chicken Fillet and Mayonnaise £7.75

Home-cooked Honey Roast Ham with Wholegrain Mustard £5.95

All served with Home-cut Chips or Wedges and Salad


BBQ Chicken £6.50

Chicken ad Bacon Caesar Wrap £6.55

Tuna Crunch £6.25

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese £6.75

Fish Finger and Tartare Sauce £6.25

All served with Home-cut Chips and Coleslaw


Hunter’s Chicken £6.75

Tuna Melt £5.75

Cheese and Ham £5.70

Chicken Italian £6.50

Bacon and Brie £6.25

Cheese and Onion £4.95

Cheese and Beans £5.25

All served with Chips or Wedges and Side Salad


Greek Salad £6.75

Tuna and Prawn £8.45

Chicken and Bacon £8.45

Chicken Caesar £8.25

All served with a slice of Buttered Granary Bread

Jacket Potatoes

Plain with Butter £4.25

Cheese £5.25

Cheese and Beans £5.45

Coleslaw and Cheese £5.50

Tuna Mayo £5.75

Prawn Mayo £6.25

Crispy Bacon and Melted Cheese £5.75

All served with dressed Side Salad and Coleslaw

Side Orders

Home-cut Chips £2.75

Garlic Salted Chips £3.00

Wedges £2.50

Garlic Bread £3.25

Garlic Bread with Cheese £3.75

Onion Rings £2.25

Coleslaw £1.75

Side Salad £1.95

Before ordering, please speak to our staff about any allergy requirements you may have.